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The Big Issue Foundation, in partnership with WhatsOnStage Awards, has developed Stage Swap, where West End performers swap the stage for the street and sell The Big Issue for 2 hours. Stage Swap provides an eye-opening perspective on the streets outside London theatres, and on the challenges that The Big Issue Foundation is helping vendors to address.

The most recent Stage Swap event took place on Thursday 2nd October when Christopher Timothy, Joy Richardson and others joined us and saw London’s pavements from a very different perspective whilst trying their hand at vending. It was a wonderfully sunny day which made it a far more pleasant experience than the event in February, but the group had the same opportunity to reflect on the reactions and challenges they faced, as well as the empathy and support shown by some members of the public and other vendors. Read their reflections here.

West End Performers such as Alison Steadman and Haydn Gwynne, below, have joined us and shown their support for hard working Big Issue vendors. The Big Issue Foundation offer vendors support to get back into mainstream housing, healthcare, banking and society.  Please make a donation below to show your support.

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This is what our guest vendors had to say about the day:

Alison Steadman:

A great experience, I learned a lot. I’d be happy to talk to encourage other people to take part.  It made me really think about people who are homeless.

Watch Alison explain why she thinks others should take part.

Haydn Gwynne:

Even in such a brief time I got a sense of the highs and the lows of trying to sell The Big Issue (a really good magazine by the way!).

Listen to Haydn explain Stage Swap and encourage her fellow performers to get involved.

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Access to health care including dentistry, eye care, foot care, immunizations, sexual health care, registering with a GP and accessing substance misuse treatment.


Could fund a flu vaccine.

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Could support a Big Issue vendor getting their smile back by getting new teeth.

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Help gaining ID, opening a bank/credit union account and accessing financial products with a focus on developing a savings culture.


Could contribute to a vendor's saving towards a tool kit for his new business.

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Could provide a passport for a vendor to use as ID to open a bank account.

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Support to end rough sleeping and access to temporary and permanent housing.


Could pay for a Big Issue support worker to help with housing applications.

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Could pay for a starter pack, with basic furniture + equipment for a new home.

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Access to training and employment opportunities, support re-establishing family networks and opportunities to take up hobbies and interests.


Could get a vendor trainers to help him get fit before joining the Army.

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Could buy a vendor new suit and shoes for a job interview.

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