Here you can read all the latest fundraising and charity news from The Big Issue Foundation, keeping you up to date with our charity work to help people who are homeless across the UK. Whether it’s a message from our CEO, or the voice of someone that actually spent time sleeping rough on the streets, here you can read all the latest from The Big Issue Foundation.

We run a wide range of charity events throughout the year, so here is the best place to keep up with the progress and funds that have been raised for the less fortunate in the UK. If you are considering volunteering for The Big Issue Foundation, then here you can also see some of the ways that people have raised money in the past to get people off the streets.

Stories from those who have been unfortunate enough to live on the street are also posted here, helping to give you an insight into the difficulties that our Big Issue vendors are faced with every day.

If you are inspired by any of the stories found here, why not donate to The Big Issue Foundation today? There is a range of ways that your money can be used to help those who are homeless across the UK take control of their lives.

Monday, 2nd March 2015

It’s been a long year for me with some highs and lows the high was starting my social enterprise ‘Duff Cooks’ and the lows the death of my father.

I started ‘Duffcook’s as a means to give something back. It is a social enterprise that will help the homeless and long term unemployed learn how to cook the basics and how to eat to feel good .The idea is a simple one, I offer an at home catering service and monies earned through this help me to teach people to cook. So far I have run several drop-in sessions with the help of DHI Project which have proved popular but I want to expand on that to reach out to more people and set up a more established work shop.

Monday, 16th February 2015

The curtain lifted on the 15th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards last night, taking over from the Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre on the production’s night off at the theatre.  The stage was filled with the West End’s elite as the awards shine a light on the stars, the directors and the producers of the fantastic shows filling the theatres in the West End and across the UK.

Friday, 30th January 2015

Big Issue vendors are normally not allowed to sell the magazines in pairs, but on Thursday 29th January an exception was made! Selling in the Deli at Northern Trust, a bank in Canary Wharf, Ron was handing over the corporate placement that he has worked on for 13 months to George. It’s time for another vendor to benefit from the great opportunity that this one day a week corporate placement brings.

Ron was the first in-house vendor at the bank, and he admits “I was nervous on my first day, I didn’t know what to expect.”  Thanks to his reliability and friendly nature Ron has built up a strong network of support at Northern Trust, he’s got many friends and got to know his way around the building. He was therefore in the best position to provide George with a handover, introducing him to the regular customers, and showing him the ropes!

Wednesday, 28th January 2015

After several years in the Army Big Issue vendor Paul didn’t expect to be sleeping rough on the streets of London taking cover in the limited security of an electricity mains cupboard!

Our Service Broker Matt visited him on his pitch when he first started to sell The Big Issue. He connected Paul to a GP and went on to get him to visit our London Office and see the nurse for a flu jab.

Friday, 16th January 2015

Helen Hoff , Cover Supervisor at Ringwood School Hampshire is leading students on their 4th Night Walk for The Big Issue Foundation

I have been pretty lucky in life: did well at school, fell into a good job and am surrounded by loving family and great friends. I’ve been through my share of tough times but, when they’ve come, I’ve been blessed with incredible support both emotional and financial.

Friday, 9th January 2015

As we move into 2015 we wanted to share all of the wonderful activities that went into making the festive season so special for us. Our friends, vendors, donors and supporters came out in force to help raise awareness, donations and sales of the magazine – celebrating all things Big Issue along the way.

Friday, 19th December 2014

Getting a job has been 4 years in the making since I joined The Big Issue and started to address being homeless; I came to The Big Issue for help and support as I knew I could get my life back on track through being a vendor.

Wednesday, 17th December 2014

As part of our Christmas campaign designed and delivered for free by 21st Century Advertising agency Fold7, we are delighted to make our festive eCard available to everyone!

Wednesday, 17th December 2014

The festive season holds little comfort and joy for homeless people. One gift we can give them is the hope that there will be a time beyond this Christmas when they overcome the issues they face.

Tuesday, 16th December 2014

During the WhatsOnStage Awards vote, which runs from 5th December to 31st January, we are running a theatreland themed online auction!  There are some fantastic prizes available, all available for 5 – 10 day bidding periods.  All of the proceeds from the sale of the items will go directly to The Big Issue Foundation.

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