Here you can read all the latest fundraising and charity news from The Big Issue Foundation, keeping you up to date with our charity work to help people who are homeless across the UK. Whether it’s a message from our CEO, or the voice of someone that actually spent time sleeping rough on the streets, here you can read all the latest from The Big Issue Foundation.

We run a wide range of charity events throughout the year, so here is the best place to keep up with the progress and funds that have been raised for the less fortunate in the UK. If you are considering volunteering for The Big Issue Foundation, then here you can also see some of the ways that people have raised money in the past to get people off the streets.

Stories from those who have been unfortunate enough to live on the street are also posted here, helping to give you an insight into the difficulties that our Big Issue vendors are faced with every day.

If you are inspired by any of the stories found here, why not donate to The Big Issue Foundation today? There is a range of ways that your money can be used to help those who are homeless across the UK take control of their lives.

Thursday, 21st May 2015

We live in an odd society: if you want to give concrete help to people suffering from, say, cancer, it makes perfect sense to go to Peru and ramble among Inca ruins in the mountains, to swim the Channel, grow a moustache or sit in a bath of cold baked beans. It is generally considered obtuse and eccentric to question these and other ostensibly irrelevant and clearly insane activities like jumping out of airplanes or cycling across Vietnam because (drum roll) they raise money and money is, in this society, where it's at.

Monday, 11th May 2015

If you’re thinking about getting a challenge to train for this year, then our London to Amsterdam ride could well be it!

We’re offering half price registration for the event, until Sunday 31st May. If it’s something you’d enjoy then now is the time! Sign up to join us and enjoy the £50 saving, why delay?!

Friday, 8th May 2015

This year, Bobites and Bobfest are proud to be supporting The Big Issue Foundation. Bobfest 2015 will be held at Islington Assembly Hall on Saturday 23rd of May and it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Martin Pickett was inspired to organise this annual event after reading the book ‘A Street cat named Bob’. He also created a facebook page 'Make the movie "A Street cat named Bob"',which now has over 3,000 members.

Wednesday, 6th May 2015

The Big Noise music and arts festival, in aid of The Big Issue Foundation, returns this year with some very exciting news.

Due to overwhelming public support the project has expanded and moved to the iconic London venue, The Coronet.  Bigger venue, bigger acts, bigger noise!

Wednesday, 6th May 2015


I HIT THE LOWEST POINT of my life five years ago; I was sleeping rough under a canal bridge in Birmingham. Two friends died that year, they were very vulnerable. I thought to myself enough was enough, I had to get back on track. I felt degraded and I wanted to get my identity back. I wanted to be Mick rather than miserable. I came to The Big Issue and met the staff – they have helped me with the problems through thick and thin.

Wednesday, 6th May 2015

Dean Porter is a former London vendor and will be joining the team on this year's London to Amsterdam cycling challenge. Dean is a keen cyclist and has previously taken part in 3 cycling challenges for The Big Issue Foundation.

Wednesday, 6th May 2015

One day I’ll be buying The Big Issue not selling it!

George has been selling The Big Issue for two years now, he didn’t expect his life to take this turn, but people rarely do.

George used to work for the NHS up in Glasgow and has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.  He managed to build a great life for himself and his partner, they had a good income and bought a detached sandstone house that he thinks of fondly.  Sadly they bought the house at the top of the market “paid over the odds for it” he says, and quickly fell into negative equity.  Sadly his partner left him around that time so he had no choice but to sell. Sadly his mother became unwell and he needed to pay for her care.

Monday, 27th April 2015

"It's an exciting time for The Big Noise Festival and I am thrilled to see the festival grow and evolve in this, its third year.  This was a fantastic event last year and definitely should not be missed in 2015!"
Stephen Robertson, CEO The Big Issue Foundation

The Big Noise music and arts festival, in aid of The Big Issue Foundation, returns this year with some very exciting news.

Due to overwhelming public support the project has expanded and moved to the iconic London venue, The Coronet.  Bigger venue, bigger acts, bigger noise!

Monday, 27th April 2015

The Big Noise music and arts festival in collaboration with The Big Issue Foundation is running a fantastic photography competition for aspiring and established photographers. We invite anyone with a passion for photography to submit up to two images around the concept of ‘Life on the Streets’.  The idea is up to the photographer… however we encourage creativity and experimentation!

This is a truly amazing opportunity for emerging photographers to exhibit and potentially sell their work.  Also help to raise awareness around the issue of homelessness in the UK and raise vital funds for the charity.

A selection of photographs will be exhibited at the main Big Noise Festival at the Coronet on Saturday June 13.  Wonderful exposure for anyone wishing to build their own profile!

Wednesday, 25th March 2015

The week commencing 23rd March is not a normal week for The Big Issue Foundation! We’re taking part in what we hope will be an exciting project that could open up all sorts of opportunities for Big Issue vendors or people who are homeless more broadly.  As part of Advertising Week Europe we’ve been involved in an initiative led by MindShare as they hack issues around homelessness.

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