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Here you can read all the latest fundraising and charity news from The Big Issue Foundation, keeping you up to date with our charity work to help people who are homeless across the UK. Whether it’s a message from our CEO, or the voice of someone that actually spent time sleeping rough on the streets, here you can read all the latest from The Big Issue Foundation.

We run a wide range of charity events throughout the year, so here is the best place to keep up with the progress and funds that have been raised for the less fortunate in the UK. If you are considering volunteering for The Big Issue Foundation, then here you can also see some of the ways that people have raised money in the past to get people off the streets.

Stories from those who have been unfortunate enough to live on the street are also posted here, helping to give you an insight into the difficulties that our Big Issue vendors are faced with every day.

If you are inspired by any of the stories found here, why not donate to The Big Issue Foundation today? There is a range of ways that your money can be used to help those who are homeless across the UK take control of their lives.

Thursday, 23rd October 2014

My name is Matt Rogers – at 38 years old now, I started my Sales Career at 16 after realising I loved to sell, I was pretty good at it and also realised it was going to make my loved ones and myself comfortable in life.

In the early years, I had some fantastic trainers, coaches, peers and customers to learn my profession from, I couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

Last year’s Big Noise Festival saw a collection of amazing artists from energetic performances with the likes of The Correspondents and Dilinga to the comedy stylings of Richard Herring. Not only that but it managed to raise over £10,000 to support the vital work of The Big Issue Foundation. If you missed out last year, fear not as plans have already started for The Big Noise Festival 2015. It’s third year promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Monday, 20th October 2014

Responding to our invitation to ‘swap the stage for the street’, five more West End performers took part in Stage Swap in early October.  As ever there was a real thirst for knowledge about the model of selling The Big Issue and the ways that The Big Issue Foundation supports vendors.  The group which was made up of Christopher Timothy, Caroline Wildi, Sarah Lark, Jordan Lee Davies and Joy Richardson were clearly already supporters of the social enterprise, and their enthusiasm really showed. The questions came flying in from the very start of the briefing session, and there were plenty more when we came back together after the brief two hours of selling.

Saturday, 11th October 2014

Big Issue vendor Sam is hosting her very own Big Knitathon and she needs you to cast on and help out! Sam’s raising funds as she wants to give back to The Big Issue Foundation following the support the organisation has given her over the years. Sam would particularly appreciate your support if you wanted to sponsor her for the event!

Sam came to The Big Issue as a vendor and with a lot of hard work and determination, combined with support from The Big Issue Foundation, Sam has no got her life back on track. She now runs the Covent Garden distribution point, selling magazines and offering support to new vendors as they start their journeys out of homelessness.

Monday, 6th October 2014

The Big Issue movement is celebrating 23 years of changing lives. Best wishes have been coming in from across the land, including James & Street Cat Bob, our friends, readers and supporters - believers one and all. Sadly, for such a great British institution, a number of myths have grown up around us along the way. Here are the ones that we most frequently encounter. Please do share these and help spread the Big Issue word #celebrateyourvendor

Friday, 26th September 2014

It was with great sadness that at the beginning of this month we announced the passing of the much loved Edinburgh Big Issue vendor, John White. John had been a Big Issue vendor for 10 years spending 6 of those years selling at his leafy pitch in Meadows Walk, Edinburgh. John was known as a pillar of his community there and is greatly missed by his customers, friends and Big Issue staff alike.

Saturday, 20th September 2014

The Big Issue Bath were joined by Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens for their outreach for day last week. Having given money to support the new training scheme for Big Issue volunteers through the Commissioners community Action Fund, Sue came to see the amazing things that we She chatted with vendors about their experiences of homelessness and to hear how The Big Issue and Big Issue Foundation have helped them.

The donation from the fund has helped provide training for volunteers to work with and support Big Issue vendors in the Bath area as well as helping them to refer to other services available to vendors to make sure they get the best support they can. Area Service Broker, Samantha Grief commented ‘In our office we employ two part time staff members, so for us to have six well trained volunteers, that’s quite a lot of extra resources for us.’

Wednesday, 17th September 2014

The Big Issue and The Big Issue Foundation are delighted to announce their first official pitch in a Network Rail station, launching on Friday 19th September.  The pitch will be managed differently to usual Big Issue pitches, which can be occupied by different vendors depending on their levels of sales.  The Euston pitch will be worked by one selected vendor to enable him to benefit from the support and work experience opportunities that are on offer from the Euston station team and community.

Friday, 12th September 2014

Christian’s dog, George, is his pride and joy. George and Christian have been together for years and they go everywhere together. One big problem is that George now only has 3 legs so getting to and from his Big Issue pitch where he sells every day can be really slow and painful. Christian found a great little trailer that he can attach to the back of his bike to make the journeys a lot smoother and quicker giving him more time to spend on his pitch selling The Big Issue. He applied to our Vendor Support Fund  to help pay for the trailer as it was way more than he could afford on his own. Despite not having a lot Christian was determined to pay half of the cost and won support from the Vendor Support Fund to pay for the other half.

Tuesday, 9th September 2014

The first permanent Big Issue vendor’s pitch inside a railway station will be unveiled by Network Rail and The Big Issue Foundation at Euston station on Friday 19th September. The pitch will not only support the selected vendor to earn a legitimate income, but the partnership will include activities to help support the charity’s work with the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

The 1.5m2 spot on the station concourse will be marked with a floor vinyl similar to those used by London Underground buskers and will formalise the vendor’s presence in one of the network’s busiest stations, used by 70m people a year. In addition, Network Rail will enrol the vendor on a customer service training programme, which includes work experience at the station, and time spent shadowing and being mentored by Network Rail staff.