Basic Facts About Us

The Big Issue is a famous brand. Here are some basic facts about us, our vendors and the support that you can offer them as they move forward in their lives.

In Brief

Thanks to you

The Big Issue Foundation is an independently funded registered charity and 98% of our work is made possible through voluntary donations and grants. It is only because of the generosity, commitment and belief of our supporters that we are able to do our work, which is to connect vendors with services and personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives and escape the poverty of their situations. Thank you to everyone for your support.


What is the cost of getting things done?

Access to healthcare per month
Training & Employment counselling meeting per month
Support to end rough sleeping per month
Access to an advisor to address a health/education/ housing problem
Support to purchase clothes/ tools/equipment to achieve a desired target
Application for a passport, required to open a bank account
Medical advice for vendors during Health Week


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