Our Objectives

The Big Issue Foundation seeks to deliver social & financial inclusion by supporting Big Issue vendors in the self-help process of buying & selling the Big Issue Magazine. Our services are ‘vendor centric’ meaning that we favour a holistic approach on a journey to a better future that is led by the vendor.

Social exclusion is a short-hand term for the way that problems such as unemployment, poor skills, poverty, bad housing, living in a high-crime area, bad health & family breakdown can link together to make it tough for people to get what they need to improve their situation.

Our support focuses on cultivating strong working relationships with Big Issue vendors and connects them to services and the vital bespoke support that is needed. We do this by maintaining a wide range of working relationships with local service providers. Please click here for more basic facts about us.

A key part of the way that we work with Big Issue vendors is by identifying and motivating individuals to engage with the services that will help them move forward and deal with their homelessness, health issues and achieve their own goals.

Our objectives are:

‘Vendor-centric’ – our charity work is led by the hopes and aspirations of Big Issue vendors

‘Inclusive’ – social and financial inclusion at the heart of our philosophy

‘Non-judgmental’ – we work with anyone who is prepared to engage with self-help.

Through this approach we seek to ensure that our vendors have the following:

  • somewhere meaningful to call home
  • access to a doctor and equality of access to health care opportunities
  • the essential support that is needed to overcome addictions
  • direct help with business skills to maximize independent earnings
  • the crucial personal identification that opens so many doors
  • access to additional financial support and secure saving opportunities
  • the opportunity to re-connect with family members and loved ones.

Have a read some of the highlights and stories from the services team and Big Issue vendors, showing positive outcomes achieved by the Big Issue Foundation and how your donations really make a difference to the vendor’s lives and the support the services team can give. 

Our work is not funded by Big Issue magazine sales. We are financially independent and supported through the generosity of our donors. Please make a donation and help us to help more vendors change their lives for good.

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