Service Highlights

Buying and selling The Big Issue magazine is the start of a journey back into society. That first step takes a lot of hard work, daily commitment and determination which is essential if you want to get your business off the ground. At The Big Issue Foundation we all know that in life, making a living is just the beginning…

During a new vendor’s induction, our Service Brokers conduct a needs assessment and develop a personalised action plan. Matthew Morley, Area Service Broker, London says: “Where possible we aim to make early interventions with vendors by referring them to local outreach teams, day centres and healthcare services.” We believe that this early approach at induction often reduces the crisis that surrounds new vendors, putting them back in control of their lives. Adding to that, achieving personal goals is a powerful way to boost self-esteem, acting as a catalyst that encourages people to take further positive steps forward. This means that we don’t just support vendors to overcome the problems they face at the start of their engagement with us, we remain committed to supporting them throughout their time with us.

Year on year we capture the service highlights from our front line team which draws special attention to their personal and emotional experiences regarding what struck them the most during the year.


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