Anna’s Night Walk Story

Quentin Stark and I took part in this year’s Big Issue Foundation Night Walk for the first time. I had wanted to do it for two years before but had damaged my knee two years ago and then last year was recovering from a big knee op. Luckily the op was a success and the physio completed so we could take part!

We started by asking family and friends to sponsor us. Then used social media and set up a fundraising page which was so helpful and made donating easy. It also meant we didn’t have to go around chasing up late paying donors because they had already donated to our page. We promoted what we were doing on Twitter and Facebook, and as a result we managed to raise over £900. The Big Issue Foundation was great at supporting us and were prompt at retweeting which was helpful and made us feel appreciated. We are quite fit through doing physical jobs (we are both gardeners) but by mile 11 we wished we had done some training. The whole event was well organised and the volunteers were super.

It was great to see London at night and meet Big Issue vendors. I was surprised by the amount of support we received from people we encountered whilst doing the walk and we even had people leaving their tables in restaurants to come out and wish us good luck! We live in a world of horrible news stories and terrible things going on the world, but doing something like this reminded us that people are generous and good natured.

The Big Issue Foundation is a charity close to our hearts and we look forward to doing more events in the future. I would encourage anyone to take part in the night walk, it’s a great event.

Photos are of Quentin and I completing the walk.

Find out more about this year’s Night Walk here:

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