Ashar Smith’s Gig night

I organized a club night with both live bands and Dj’s, to raise awareness and funds for the Big Issue Foundation. Although hosting a night purely for the sake of enjoyment was rewarding, I felt that if the benefits extended beyond the people participating in the night then the event would be more meaningful.

When managing a project of this size you have to be very self motivated, but being able to motivate other people is just as important. I found the majority of people were passionate and enthusiastic to help, due to the cause. Word of mouth and social media were cost effective ways of publicizing the event.

I think being homeless is a difficult situation to imagine. If you’re sleeping rough and you find the motivation to turn your life around I think that’s pretty amazing. The Big issue promotes a culture of ‘a hand up not a hand out’ which is an empowering approach to social mobility. Combining charity with business is something that must be carefully balanced. My advice for anyone planning their own fundraiser would be aim to work with people who share a similar approach in their professional practice and are motivated towards the cause and not simply the publicity.

Ashar Smith

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