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Bryan Adams has released Homeless, a book of his own photography, where he has captured 84 images of Big Issue vendors.

The book’s concept came together when Bryan Adams was approached by Guest Editor of The Big Issue magazine Trudie Styler in 2011 to photograph a portrait story of homeless street vendors for The Big Issue magazine. That story inspired a more in-depth photographic look at the magazine vendors.

Lord John Bird, Founder of The Big Issue, said: “Our vendors remain at the very heart of everything: we exist for them and we will remain so long as they need us. But frequently people don’t see them. Selling The Big Issue is a hard job. The street is unforgiving. And an opportunity to look as these men and women anew, and honestly, is welcome. Bryan Adams sees them and he is making us all look again.”

Bryan Adams, said: “The photographs I took of people who live rough on the streets of London highlight an unavoidable fact, and almost every city around the world has a similar problem: too many people fall between the cracks and have no means to sustain a roof over their head.

“Thank goodness for organisations such as The Big Issue in the UK, who give the support the homeless need to get back on their feet. They help the vendors earn their own independent living by selling magazines on the streets- and many people, some featured in this book, have survived because of this.

“Homelessness is too widespread and significant to ignore. Hopefully after reading this, you might think twice as you walk past someone trying to make their way selling the magazine, or even busking on the street. These are people have lost their anchor and their compass, so need our compassionate understanding and our help.”

Dave Martin, who featured in the book, said: “I was a bit nervous, but it was fascinating to see how he was curating the images, he took the pictures, looked at them and decide what they wanted. I was there a couple of hours. He looked after us well. It was fun – I had never done a photoshoot before in my life. It is exciting to be part of it.”

Kevin Young, also photographed for the book, said: “That made my day meeting him. I was buzzing for days. He is such a lovely man. Really nice meeting him. He’s the most famous person I have met but he is really down to earth.”

The Hardback book has been published by Steidl and priced at £35 with all proceeds going to The Big Issue Foundation. To purchase a copy, visit The Big Issue Shop.

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