Charity Events
The Big Issue Foundation Trustee Pete Mills holding an open copy of The Big Issue magazine

Pete’s Story

Pete Mills has been a Trustee of The Big Issue Foundation since 2016. He is the Founder and Managing Director of SmartResponse Media and has…

Charity Events
Events Manager Laura at The Bristol Sleep Out

Laura’s Story

On 11th October I took part in my first fundraising event for The Big Issue Foundation, The Bristol Sleep Out. After constantly checking the weather…

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What’s the difference between my shoes and the ocean?

It was the day I’d looked forward to for so long! Ever since the team in Birmingham kindly offered me the chance to open the Big Issue’s first ever night walk I’d been getting more and more excited about taking part in what, for me and everyone else, would be a great moment in Birmingham’s history. After all, I remarked to Emma my partner ''London gets its own night walk surely Birmingham deserves on'' admittedly she gave me the “whatever you say dear” gaze. The truth however is much more stark than my enthusiasm might imply, it not only ought to have one ……it has to have one.

In our own words

Ollie’s Big Brum Night Walk 2012

On Friday the 5th of October, Big Issue supporters took to the streets of Birmingham to raise awareness and funds for services across the Midlands. Big Issue vendor Ollie Bain reports on an amazing night.

“I thought it was really good that people still came out when it was raining. There were people that actually do care about the vendors, because they came out and supported the vendors of the Big Issue.  While I was walking I spoke to a lady called Ruth and had a very good chat with her about vending, my situation, and the reasons why I work for the Big Issue, which I didn’t mind explaining, and that I get shouted and screamed at, even though I’m working. She was very interested in my circumstances, and because we were on the night walk, we had much more of an opportunity to have a proper chat. I class my customers as my friends, not customers.