Big Issue Foundation volunteer Harmanjit standing in an office

Harmanjit’s story

I’ve always seen Big Issue Vendors dotted around my university. I’d never bothered to fully research or understand what The Big Issue Foundation was actually…

Big Issue Foundation volunteer Molly

Molly’s Story

I came across a trust fundraising volunteer post at The Big Issue Foundation (TBIF) by fluke, when I was looking for summer jobs. I did…

Big Issue Foundation supporters Sarah and Laura holding food bags

Sarah’s Blog

I arrived at 7pm, not knowing anyone else, excited and a little nervous.  Fortunately I met Laura before going in – she had come from…

Big Issue Foundation supporter Rebecca

Rebecca’s Blog

SKYDIVE CHALLENGE PART 2 We arrived at the airfield at 8.45 feeling excited with a tinge of nerves. Mum – here to spectate, Lucy (my…

Former Big Issue vendor Dean Porter with his bike in cycling gear

Dean’s story

The Big Issue Foundation helped me get my CBT (compulsory basic training) to become a cycle courier. I know from experience how much they support…


Kathryn’s Story

I work as a fundraiser for The Big Issue Foundation and took part in the London to Paris ride last year as the charity’s rep. …


Anna M-S’s Story

After finishing my degree in Sociology and Politics I found myself with a month left on my accommodation contract and far too much time on…


Tom’s story

On Sunday 15th March I ran my first ever half marathon, as part of my preparations for the London Marathon – it was thoroughly tiring,…