CEO’s Face Off in Fundraising Feud

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It’s an exciting time at The Big Issue Foundation office as we prepare for our flagship fundraising event – The Big Night Walk! We always like to think all parts of the Big Issue family lead by example and that is why we were delighted to discover that Big Issue Invest CEO, Danyal Sattar, had signed up for this year’s event.

In a somewhat innocent manner, Danyal was delighted to comment on how well his fundraising was going so far. Our own CEO, Stephen Robertson, prides himself on being one of our top fundraisers at The Big Night Walk each year. Although he could see Danyal’s total was creeping up on his, Stephen was confident that he would be able to raise more funds for the Foundation.

 “I have never thought of myself as competitive because I have never lost at anything important in my life. It is heartening to see Danyal’s friends, family & colleagues gather round him as an outsider as he attempts to measure up to this significant challenge. A challenge like this is all about attitude & confidence. I am confident that Danyal will at least complete the walk this time. I have a lot of time for under-dogs & may even sponsor him myself if he begins to struggle”

– Stephen Robertson, CEO, The Big Issue Foundation

Then, overnight, everything changed. Danyal’s total surpassed Stephen’s! The gloves were off and the challenge was laid down. Which CEO would take the crown of top fundraiser?

“As the CEO of Big Issue Invest, a big part of my job has to be fundraising.  Our jobs is getting the money in, and getting it out and back again.  How better to learn to be a good fundraiser than challenge Stephen, the CEO of the Foundation, to see how much I can raise for the Big Night Walk.  It’s a win win for Stephen.  If I raise more money than him, that’s great for the Foundation.  If he out-raises me, he is a winner again.  For both of us, it is about how much we can bring in for the vendors we serve and the mission we deliver. ”

– Danyal Sattar, CEO, Big Issue Invest

Danyal and Stephen in happier times at last year’s Big Night Walk

Stephen also went on to say: “Every single person that takes part, sponsors & supports this event can do so in the knowledge that the funds we raise are put to life-enhancing good in our on-going work with Big Issue sellers. People take part in the Big Night Walk because they want to & they have purpose. This is why the event is fun & sociable alongside having a real meaning & purpose. I am really pleased to be sharing some friendly rivalry with Danyal; Big Issue sellers will benefit from the resultant support our banter will create!”.

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There is also still time to join us on the night! Sign up on your own or with a group of friends and join us for the special 25th birthday edition of The Big Night Walk here.

Want to be a part of the night but not able to do the walk? We are also still looking for volunteers to help out at our rest stops – sign up here.

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