Big Issue vendors are a well known and wonderfully supported group of individuals, buying and selling the Big Issue magazine across the UK for nearly 30 years.

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Big Issue vendors will be directly impacted by decreased footfall across the country. This will directly affect their sales and therefore their income.

They are self-employed and not eligible for any statutory support.

Where You Come In!

We need funds to support our frontline workers to support vendors and also to top up our ‘Vendor Support Fund’. This fund exists to support Big Issue vendors with health, housing, financial and other support needs.

Many vendors rely on week to week income and have zero to minimal savings and no support network to fall back on.

We want to be that support network.

We want Big Issue vendors to feel supported through this national crisis.

Our work is 100% reliant on donations.

Your support will go directly towards giving vendors a hand up in this challenging time.

The generosity from the public and support for Big Issue vendors has and continues to be heartfelt and meaningful in communities across the UK.

Support Big Issue vendors today