Leave a Legacy

The Big Issue Foundation has been there to give a hand up, not a hand out for over 20 years. We have achieved so much – But there is still so far to go. Help us to maintain our work into the future so we can continue to fight the battle against homelessness.  

Leaving a legacy to charity in your will can create a vital difference to a vendor in the future, plus help us transform their lives in the prospect of obtaining new opportunities.

Donations will always be needed to help those less fortunate to help themselves and build new beginnings.

A gift in your will can help us be here for the homeless, every day.

A little gift from you, a life changing gift to someone else.

Our aim is to improve people’s lives for good, not just offer short term aid.

Ways to Leave a Legacy to Our Charity

Residuary gift – a gift of any portion of your estate that remains after payment of debts, administration expenses and  distribution of any specific gifts.
Pecuniary gift – a gift of a specific amount of money you desire to donate. Such gifts can be expressed to be ‘index linked’ so as to allow the sum gifted to hold its value in line with inflation
Specific gift -  a gift of a specific item you wish to leave, eg. Jewellery, artwork or furniture 

How to Leave a Legacy to Us

Fill in the Legacy Pledge Notification form.

Help us know if there is a future source of income so we can plan ahead to put your donation towards a worthwhile cause in our work.

Our Promises to You

Your family and friends come first; we will not try to change this.

We will not pressure you, leaving a legacy is a big decision, therefore please take your time.

Your money will always be your money- if you desire your money to be spent in a specific area; we will make sure this is arranged.

We understand how important this is and will respect your privacy and your donation.

When leaving a legacy to charity, all donations will be handled effectively and wisely, making sure it all goes towards a good cause and makes a difference. 

We will help you every way possible.

What about Inherit​ance Tax?

The Big Issue Foundation is a registered charity which means that any gift you leave us in your will is exempt from inheritance tax.

Need help?

Ambrose Appelbe Solicitors are great supporters of the Big Issue Foundation and are pleased to offer a modicum of free advice and guidance on the telephone to fellow supporters and a 10% discount on their will writing fees. If you would like to know more please contact Felix Appelbe or Lucie Sleeman on 0207 242 7000

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