The Vendor Support Fund

The Big Issue Foundation is not funded by magazine sales and 98% of our work is funded through voluntary donations. It is only because of the generosity, commitment and belief of our supporters that we are able to do our work, which is to connect vendors with the specialist services and personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives.

The Vendor Support Fund (VSF) is an enabler for Big Issue vendors to achieve employment, training and other personal aspirations which require financial support. This fund is open all year-round and available to any vendor UK wide. Vendors are helped to identify goals and aspirations and assisted to complete an application form. They then save and contribute a discretionary amount – typically 20-50% (waived during the pandemic) – towards their chosen cost with the VSF Fund covering the remainder. Examples of some recent employment, training and personal aspirations that the Vendor Support Fund has helped to facilitate include:

£5.00 covered the costs for Michael to attend a housing appointment in Birmingham

£12.00 helped John from Bath get a card reader so he could take contactless payment

£50.40 bought Chris from Oxford a new suit and shoes for a job interview

£85.00 provided Anna from Bristol with a passport to use as official ID to open a bank account

£200.00 enabled Paul from Plymouth to buy a set of tools for the start of his plumbing course

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