Lots of people come to The Big Night Walk alone, and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new people and form a group to walk with. Solo walkers will have the first arrival time of the night (8pm-8.15pm) and the chance to meet each other.

Once you have registered, our friendly volunteers will be helping to form teams of solo walkers for the walk. You will also have the chance to re-group with people at the  rest stops along the route.

Pierce was one of our previous solo walkers and had a fantastic time, meeting lots of new people along the way.

“My feet took a little while to recover after being put through their paces on The Big London Night Walk for The Big Issue Foundation in March, but it was worth every step of the way! As a solo walker, it took no time at all to make friends with my fellow solitary ramblers, all terrific people, including Nigel, Suzanne and Christine.

Between hearing rousing, upbeat music from a choir; braving drunken revelers and hipsters in Shoreditch, and being serenaded by a spontaneous, rough and very touching rendition of Panis Angelicus delivered by a vendor, it was a rich and fantastic experience for all of us.

Although now I can put my sore feet up, it’s hard not to stop thinking about the growing thousands still out there who can’t. Homelessness in London is increasing all the time. This is unacceptable. But there is definitely hope. Just before the walk I met a young guy who introduced himself as an ex-vendor and, thanks to the support of The Big Issue Foundation, he has pulled himself out of that cycle and now has a job at a law firm that he clearly loves and has given him back his confidence. These fundraising events really DO make a difference and anything we can do as human beings to help support them can only be a good thing.

If you’re deliberating about joining in the Big London Walk next time, take it from me, it’s a wonderfully rewarding, very well organised event, and you’ll be in very capable and supportive hands from start to finish. Wearing the right footwear, of course, is entirely up to you!”

Louise participated last year as a solo walker and thoroughly enjoyed meeting plenty of new faces on the night.

“Having survived CJ’s warm up exercises and grabbed a chance to say ‘hi’ to James and Bob – and a photo, it was time to set off, very quickly I fell into step with Jenny and Sue – a vendor herself – twelve miles – hmm, we’d be fine…..then it started raining.  Gradually though we fell in with other solo walkers and after the first rest stop we walked with Anna, one of the lovely TBIF staff.  Our team grew as we went – Sue, Jenny, Anna, Jim & Angela as well as myself. Walking through a few of the less quiet areas of our capital, with people out ‘enjoying’ their Friday night  – really did highlight why sleeping rough at night isn’t safe for those in that situation (even at 3am); this provided a clear perspective as we walked from street to street and finally back to the safety of St John’s Church. Don’t be put off doing this walk if you’re a solo walker – you will soon make friends; there is something about this event that brings people together in the most unique way!”

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