Our CEO’s cycle challenge experience

5 things that struck me by taking part in The Big Issue Foundation’s cycle challenge

As CEO I have equal responsibility for how we raise charitable funds & how we spend them. Our brand awareness is awesome but, with the visibility of 2000 or so vendors across the land, the incorrect assumption is that we are a very large organisation – we are not!

I take part in all of our events as do many of our vendors. It’s fun, it’s where we connect and it’s one of the ways that we raise the vital cash that enables us to do more.

A couple of years back we were hosting an event to promote our work to new audiences. The event was run by our vendors and others were in the audience. The one event I had never done was the cycle ride and vendor Dean put me on the spot. “Will you ride with me?” “Yes!” I replied.

Here’s what struck me (I don’t ride much)!

  1. It’s wise to train! I didn’t much and the 2 Big Issue vendors who took part trained more and were better than me (they were nice about it though!).
  2. Anyone can do it! From corporate teams to cycling nutters, through to small groups and individuals; everyone is there because they want to be. You make new friends.
  3. You don’t have time to think about work! It’s impossible to handle emails and all the day-job malarkey. The harder you peddle the more restful it is. It’s like you’re on holiday
  4. People will sponsor you! Vendors Dean and Elliot got loads of support from their customers. A challenge is a challenge. People don’t understand what we do and how we can make a little go a long way. Our Fundraising team will make sure that all riders know what’s what and will give you plenty of guidance on the way.
  5. You’ll be better for it! The achievement, the people and the work that you support by doing it will give you new energy and proof that you can always do more than you think.

This year some vendors and supporters are riding from London to Amsterdam. Get some lyrca, get on your bike and join the team! More here