1. For a tandem skydive you must be at least 16 years old. For all jumps you must weigh under 15 stone with your weight in proportion to your height. Please note some centres have lower weight limits – please contact Skyline for more details

The principal medical restrictions for all jumps are diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness and some cases of asthma but if you are in any doubt please contact us for further information. All jumpers are required to sign a medical form before their jump declaring their fitness to take part – this will be sent to you upon receipt of the Reservation Form but is also available on request. Those under the age of 18 will need the medical form signed by a parent or guardian; anyone with medical conditions listed on form 115A will need to have form 115B signed by their doctor.

2. All booking deposits are completely non-refundable and are payable to Skyline Promotions Ltd. Booking deposits are valid for twelve months from the date of booking and should the jumper not be able to complete their jump due to inclement weather alternative arrangements will be made.

3. Should the weather be unsuitable for jumping on the day it will be up to the jumper to return to the parachute centre on another occasion(s) if necessary to complete their jump.

4. A fee of £50 will be charged for all cancellations or changes of jump date. A fee of £100 will be charged for any cancellations or date changes with 48 hours of the booked date. This will be taken automatically from the card you entered when paying your £70 booking deposit. This is in addition to the standard prices indicated on this website.

5. Skyline Promotions Ltd in consideration of the payment of the booking deposit will take all reasonable steps to arrange the jump at your nearest available parachute centre but since parachuting is a very popular sport, skyline may be forced to offer you an alternative due to lack of availability at some centres. Skyline Promotions Ltd acts as your agent in arranging for the jump and not as the agent for the parachute centre. Skyline Promotions Ltd use only those parachute centres which are affiliated to the British Parachute Association as the National Governing Body of the sport. Accordingly, no representations or warranties of any kind are made by Skyline Promotions Ltd as to the suitability, capability, quality of training or operation of any parachute centre. Any queries or complaints with regards to these aspects should be referred to the parachute centre concerned.

6. By taking part in this event you are committing to raise a minimum sponsorship target of £395. You must send at least £200 of your fundraising into us 2 weeks before your jump date. If you are fundraising online, please let us know so that we can check your online fundraising page. You must send the remainder of your fundraising to us no later than 4 weeks after the completion of the event.

7. You/your team will comply with The Big Issue Foundation guidelines when fundraising. Details of these guidelines are available on request.

8. Any photographs taken at the event and given to The Big Issue Foundation of the event will be usable by The Big Issue Foundation for future publicity materials.

9. You/your team accept that the interests and reputation of The Big Issue Foundation are of paramount importance. The Big Issue Foundation may at any time and at its sole discretion, cancel the event, change the published venues, withdraw your place on the event or exclude you from the event.

10. You/your team give permission to use your name, photograph, voice, or likeness in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion, or other account of this event, or marketing, promotion for future or similar events and waive any rights of privacy that you may have had in that regard.

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