1. You/your team accept that the interests and reputation of The Big Issue Foundation are of paramount importance. The Big Issue Foundation may at any time and at its sole discretion, cancel the event, change the published venues, withdraw your place on the event or exclude you from the event, in each case without incurring any liability or obligation to you or your team (including, without limitation, any obligation to refund any registration fee or other amount).
  2. Only registered participants may take part in the Sleep Out. You must have registered as an individual or as a group.
  3. This is a fundraising event and we ask you to aim to raise a minimum of £350 per individual. You have up until the 17th January 2019 to reach this target. If you have shown no effort to fundraise, then we may suggest that you pay the deficit personally. You will be provided with plenty of support and guidance from the fundraising team on how to raise the funds in advance. All funds that you receive in relation to this event should be sent to The Big Issue Foundation within 10 days of it being given to you.
  4. Please arrive at the event between 9:30pm and 10:00pm on the Friday evening and be ready to leave the event on the Saturday morning at 7am.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are healthy enough for sleeping out overnight. If in doubt, please take advice from your medical practitioner. We may ask you to provide us with evidence to support any medical conditions. This information is securely destroyed within 5 days of the event finishing.
  6. We strongly advise you to dress and prepare appropriately for the event – warm clothing – and to bring a warm sleeping bag and cardboard or camping mat for insulation, as this event is held outside.
  7. During the event you are responsible for your own, and your teams, safety and security. You must agree to take reasonable care not to compromise other participants’ safety and security.
  8. At the end of the event please take away everything you brought with you including cardboard boxes.
  9. The minimum age to take part in this event is 14 years old. 14 – 17 year olds are permitted if accompanied by an adult and must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the event.
  10. No animals may be brought to the event.
  11. The Big Issue Foundation and The Kia Oval accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal belongings during the event. We strongly advise you not to bring valuables.
  12. Failure to abide by the following code of conduct may result in you being required to leave the event:
    1. Alcohol & Drugs – Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted to be consumed during the event. Any participant believed to be using or under the influence of illegal drugs will be required to leave the event and the police will be called.
    2. Smoking – no smoking within the venue or grounds will be permitted.
  13. Respect for others – Please be respectful of those trying to sleep. If you are chatting or disruptive whilst others are trying to sleep, you will be asked to move to another area. There will be an area where participants can go to talk throughout the night.
  14. Emergency evacuation – In the event of an emergency you must follow direction given by the event managers
  15. You must comply with all instructions and directions from event stewards. Failure to do so may result in you being required to leave the event site.
  16. By registering for the Sleep Out, you and your team give The Big Issue Foundation permission to use your name, photograph, voice or likeness, in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion, or other account of this event, or marketing or promotion for future or similar events.
  17. The Big Issue Foundation reserves the right to cancel or alter the event without notice.

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