'What Makes Us Care?'

Kathryn Prescott is a London based photographer and actress. After spending several years acting and working as a portrait photographer she became aware of the strong reaction many people have when they recognize a face from the television. This combined with her interest in the issues surrounding homelessness was the inspiration for her project 'What Makes Us Care?'

What Makes Us Care exhibition was an exploration into the desensitization of the masses to the plight of the modern homeless person, from which all proceeds including funds raised from the sales of prints have gone to Centrepoint and The Big Issue Foundation.

In Kathryn Prescott’s own words ‘The point of this project was simply to highlight that, just because we don’t recognise a person from some area of our own lives, does not mean that we should ignore them. I decided to use familiar faces, ones you might recognise from television and film, to ignite that same faint sense of familiarity to one face within as many people as possible. I am hugely grateful to both The Big Issue Foundation and Centrepoint for making this happen, for St Martin-In-The-Fields for providing the space for it and to everyone involved in producing the images. Most of all I am grateful to everyone who has supported both the exhibition and both organisations by donating or buying prints. Thank you so much to everyone. Hopefully there will be more to come.’

The exhibition opened at St Martin-In-The-Fields in autumn 2013. If you have comments from the exhibition please leave them here.

You can buy official prints from the exhibition here

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