Foundation collaborates with crowdfunding platform Beam

We are delighted to be working with Beam to support vendors into employment.

Beam is a referral only crowdfunding platform that exclusively supports new career opportunities for homeless men and women. Beam provide them with a support network, from their support specialists to the kind strangers who fund their campaigns.

We are so happy that our first referral, Emma has not only had her training funded but has passed all her courses. In October, Emma began to apply for her SIA license to become a security guard and she also received a laptop (gifted by Uber) so she can begin to search for jobs online.

“When I came to the UK 11 years ago I wanted to have a fresh start. Things started to get difficult when my job wasn’t paying enough for me to keep up with rent and I ended up sleeping rough. I was on the streets for a long time and it was during this time that I started working for the Big Issue to try and change my situation.”

Since becoming a Big Issue vendor we have supported Emma on her journey to get her life back on track. Emma secured temporary accommodation in a female only night shelter and is currently working with a local service for a more permanent and affordable solution. Emma was also part of the iZettle pilot scheme and slowly increased her sales by accepting contactless payment.

“Work is very important to me and after working as a Big Issue vendor for the last few years, I’m ready to build on some of the skills I learnt and start a new chapter in my life! Doing the security training will mean that I can move out of the night shelter that I’m living in and move into my own place. It would mean so much for me to finally have this independence and have somewhere I can call home.”

We will continue to support Emma on her journey to future employment and we are very excited to follow her on her journey beyond the Big Issue.

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