Gaming for Good

It’s your duty to stay at home over the coming weeks, so now is the perfect opportunity to level up and get your game on. It’s a great excuse for limitless screen time, all while you change lives.

  1. Set your challenge– how long are you going to be gaming for and when?
  2. Set your target– how much do you want to raise? The bigger your challenge, the higher you can set your target. You might want to start lower and increase your target as you go!
  3. Choose your team– you might not be able to meet your friends in person right now, but they can still join your team! If you’ve set a lengthy target, create a tag-team plan so there’s always someone to take over when you need a rest.
  4. Create your fundraising page on JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving. If you’re planning to live stream your challenge, you can add a link to this on your fundraising page or if you’re streaming using Twitch or Mixer, you can use Tiltify to combine your fundraising and live stream.
  5. Promoting your challenge– use our downloadable assets below to spread the world across social media with a link to your fundraising page. Internet use has surged since the lockdown in the UK so make the most of this by sharing your challenge!
  6. Prepare for the big day– make sure you have plenty of drinks and food to keep you going, and have a plan of when to take breaks.
  7. Enjoy! You’re doing something you love while raising money to support Big Issue vendors- everyone’s a winner!

We’d love to hear about your Gaming for Good plans – get in touch on to let us know what you’re up to or if you have any questions

Useful fundraising resources

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