Charitable Trusts and Foundations

The Big Issue Foundation offers support for people who are socially excluded, homeless or vulnerably housed. We recognise everyone’s rights to healthcare and housing; we help individuals to rebuild broken links.

To continue this essential work, we are reliant on the support of charitable trusts and foundations.

Selling The Big Issue is a way to earn a legitimate income, but underlying crises or unforgiving circumstances can only be tackled with tailored support. Our Service Brokers offer vendors immediate access to:

  • An emergency shelter for the night; a day centre or hostel
  • Food banks and warm clothes
  • Housing support
  • Health care (Mental, physical and/or dental)

Our long-term support can help vendors to:

  • tackle addictions with expert help
  • manage their own finances through workshops and mentoring
  • meet individual targets in selling magazines
  • learn via a college course
  • start a business, volunteer or gain a part or full time job
  • gain official ID for access to bank accounts and healthcare


You can find our downloadable accounts on our Big Issue Foundation Financial statements page.

In 2014/15 Our Service Brokers reached over 2,200 vendors through 27,273 individual contacts that lead to 5,852 positive outcomes (within the areas of support listed above), at a cost of only £150 (full cost recovery) per outcome.

The total expenditure for the year was £936,172.


Absolutely any size of organisation can make a valuable contribution. You will be ensuring the constant availability of both immediate and long-term support, in our movement towards social equality. Our work is vendor-centric and led by an experienced front-line team, ensuring best use of our resources.

We strongly encourage you to visit our offices, to observe how we operate on the ground. See where we are based here and contact our Grant Manager Sam Wakeford on 020 7525 3451 or at

We look forward to hearing from you.