When choosing to align your organisation with The Big Issue Foundation you can be confident that your employees will find a wide range of ways to show their support.

Typically fundraising is the widest reaching tool for staff engagement, and we offer a great selection of ways for them to get involved.

Take part in our events

See our events page for our range of events, some of which, such as The Big Night Walk and The Big Sleep Out are exclusively for supporters of The Big Issue Foundation. Last year 6 people from Freshfields took part in our London to Paris bike ride.

Organise your own events

If your team want to run their own event we’re on hand to offer support and guidance, and materials such as collecting buckets and balloons to support their efforts. You can find some great fundraising ideas and resources here.

Run a seasonal appeal

Support for people who are homeless peaks over the festive season and many companies choose this time to encourage their employee to consider making a charitable donation.  We are happy to work with organisations on their messaging and communications at this time and others, and can provide tangible case studies on what the money could be used for.

Payroll giving

‘Give as You Earn’ is a scheme that enables employees to donate to any UK charity straight from their gross salary (before tax is deducted) meaning that individuals receive tax relief at source. A monthly donation of £10 straight out of payroll, costs the person just £7.80 (or even less if you are in the higher tax bracket). Read more here.

Donate an hour
Donate an hour is a simple way to make relatively small individual contributions add up into a donation that can make a big difference. With coordination from the company individuals can easily opt into this, and our online calculator enables people to see what their donation will be.

Hourly wage calculator

My salary is £

which is paid

and I work hours a week.

For more information on the above, or to discuss your own ideas please contact Serena Crisp, Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy on 020 7526 3452 or by email

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