Get Your Youth Group Involved

There’s no getting around it, homelessness isn’t an easy thing to talk about with young people (or adults). The Big Sleep Out is a great way to introduce the topic, to help your group understand the issues of homelessness, and to find out what The Big Issue Foundation is doing to help. It’s also a lot of fun, so why not find out how to volunteer to do some youth group fundraising?

Did you know that, on any one night, 2,200 people have to sleep on the streets? There are thousands more, called the ‘hidden homeless’, that might have somewhere to sleep but it won’t be comfortable, permanent or sometimes not even safe. That’s a lot of people!

Not having a home is often just the start of people’s problems: without an address it’s hard to open a bank account; without a bank account it’s hard to get a job; without a job it’s hard to find somewhere to live. That’s where The Big Issue comes in. People who are homeless or people who are at risk of being homeless can sign up to sell The Big Issue magazine, they buy it for £1.25 and sell it for £2.50. The Big Issue Foundation charity can help vendors to open a bank account, find a proper place to stay and get into college or work.

That’s why we need you and your youth group fundraising through The Big Sleep Out – sleeping out to raise money and awareness. We have a load of free stuff to help you organise your night, such as games, activities, videos and more. You can download most of the resources from this page but we’d love to send you our complete pack, just fill in your details below.

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