Financial support enables us to be there when our vendors need us. People are often at a time of personal crisis and desperation when they turn to The Big Issue. They come to us looking for a way to work themselves out of poverty despite the numerous pressures they are facing.

Tailored partnership

Working in partnership with companies we identify joint objectives and, if relevant, we select a key theme of our work for their support.  It might be supporting vendors in a particular location, or a particular age range, or with a particular focus to our work such as financial inclusion or employability.  We can work with you to understand what aligns best to your strategy and design a partnership that can include financial, employee and gift in kind contributions.

Depending on your level of support we can arrange staff talks and experiences to back up the involvement and provide you with reports on what your funds are helping our vendors to achieve to support your CSR communications and reporting requirements.

We are open to discussing with you how you would like your donation to be recognised, but rest assured we will be able to attribute some real examples of impact to your support.

Help us to support more vendors

Our vendor services team provide localised support to vendors, helping them to access the support and guidance they might need as they re-establish their sense of stability and reintegrate to society.  Due to limitations on our resources we currently focus our support on vendors in the main urban centres in the UK.  We are actively seeking corporate partnerships to help us to provide the same support to vendors across the country and have ambitious plans that we’d welcome your support for!