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The Big Issue Foundation, in partnership with WhatsOnStage Awards, hosts West End performers as they swap the stage for the street and sell The Big Issue for 2 hours. Through this Alison Steadman, Haydn Gwynne and others have grown their understanding of, and shown support for, hard working Big Issue vendors. As David Oakes (pictured) tweeted “Despite standing by my photo (outside Shakespeare in Love) the red Big Issue jacket coupled with social preconceptions rendered me INVISIBLE”.

We have been moved at the genuine interest that those who have taken part in Stage Swap have shown for our vendors and our work.  Building on this we are asking for donations towards our work to help support our vendors over the first three months of the year, typically the toughest time on the streets. 

Please make a donation below and select “Stage Swap” as your reason for donating to show your support for the campaign. Thank you so much.

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This is what our guest vendors had to say about the day:

Alison Steadman:

A great experience, I learned a lot. I’d be happy to talk to encourage other people to take part.  It made me really think about people who are homeless.

Watch Alison explain why she thinks others should take part.

Haydn Gwynne:

Even in such a brief time I got a sense of the highs and the lows of trying to sell The Big Issue (a really good magazine by the way!).

Listen to Haydn explain Stage Swap and encourage her fellow performers to get involved.

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Stage Swap

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