Work for Good

Build giving into your business. Work for Good is a platform which builds giving into your day to day work, for the good of both charities and your business. We make it easy to give in whatever way suits you best. The legal and admin hassle has already been taken care of and our friendly team are on hand to help.

We also help you shout about the good you do. Talking about your giving is a great way to connect with your clients, inspire your people and build a stronger brand. Member businesses display the Work for Good mark to show their values in action and inspire others to follow as part of a movement to transform business giving.

Laura’s Testimony

‘I'm a freelance consultant and when I send out invoices I pledge to give a % of my income to charity.  It is easy for me to give to a charity through my business using the Work For Good platform, and I'm sure it gives my clients a good impression about my business and my integrity.

Work for Good is a social enterprise, the charities pay a small % transaction fee, which is definitely worth it as I am not taking up the charity's time as I don't need to contact them directly about how I can make my donation.


I just log my work on the platform and choose which charity I'd like to give to - or I let my client choose a charity of their choice.

I live in London, and I'm shocked by the increase in homelessness, and want to help in some way particularly over the winter months.  I know about the great work The Big Issue Foundation does, helping people when they need it most.

That is why I've chosen to 'Work for Good' for The Big Issue Foundation for the next 3 months.  Now it is so easy to give through your business, why not register your business and give to this great cause too?”

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