International Cat Day: For the Love of Bob

On Saturday 8th August, Team Bobites celebrated International Cat Day by walking, running and cycling in memory of Streetcat Bob to support The Big Issue Foundation and Blue Cross.

Bob, immortalised in the book and film A Streetcat Named Bob, sadly passed away in June of this year after a life well spent alongside his companion James Bowen. James and Bob met while James sold the Big Issue in Covent Garden; when James came to the aid of an injured and abandoned Bob, the two became inseparable. Through the success of the book and film, fans of James and Bob united across the world and formed the Bobites, described as “an international group of friends, almost family”. United in their love of Streetcat Bob, the Bobites have raised thousands of pounds to support Big Issue vendors, often walking The Big Night Walk in the presence Bob himself.

Due to the global pandemic, the Bobites found themselves unable to meet up and share their memories of their favourite feline. They turned their energy to fundraising, raising over £2,300 for The Big Issue Foundation and Blue Cross, and writing loving tributes online;

“Bob was no ordinary cat, he not only saved James, he brought together thousands of people worldwide who’ve developed strong friendships and who have become family, he raised awareness of issues and charities that need help and brought happiness into so many lives.”

 “I want to honour a cat who made a difference to the world.”

 “I am taking part for the love of Bob and in his memory. It was heartbreaking to hear the devastating news and in our sadness we need to celebrate beloved Bob’s life.  Bob and James achieved so much in such a short time and it’s been an honour to follow their journey and know them personally.”

“Through the amazing true story of one amazing ginger kitty and his ‘purrent’, many lasting friendships have developed across the globe. Bob has brought together so many caring and supportive, like minded people and I for one, am proud to call myself a Bobite!”

 “Human and animal homelessness affects the entire world. That’s why we go together!”

The money raised by Team Bobites will ensure that we can support as many Big Issue vendors as possible throughout this turbulent year, and beyond. You can read more about their challenge and donate here. Go Team Bobites!

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