It is a ‘Big Issue’ – New independent film challenges perceptions

It is a ‘Big Issue’ – Discover the realities of what it takes to sell the magazine in Birmingham

‘When I was in school the number one blaze or diss was “your mum/ dad sells the big issue” or “I heard you sell the Big Issue on weekends”. The reason I wanted to make this film was because I know how the younger generation look down on and speak badly about big issue vendors. I wanted to know why; what was the reason behind it? This is what we wanted to capture in our documentary.'
Daniel Newell, Film Maker

The Big Issue Foundation is pleased to announce the premier of a short documentary by independent film makers Daniel Newell and Richi Fingerz, funded by RSA Birmingham.

The film challenges young people in Birmingham to talk about their perceptions of homelessness and what it really means to try and sell the magazine to the public.

Big Issue Foundation Chief Executive, Stephen Robertson, say ‘The Big Issue movement is all about self-help. Vendors use their own money to buy their magazines and sell them at their own profit or loss. Vendors have to engage with the public in order to sell their magazines. In so doing, they have to overcome many widely held perceptions about homelessness. This short film brilliantly illustrates just what some people think, challenges them to have a go at it themselves and documents how they feel as a result.’

The Big Issue Foundation strives to support 2,500 vendors across the country. We connect vendors with the vital support and solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives and journey away from homelessness.

The Big Issue Foundation's first ever Birmingham Night Walk will take place on Friday 30th March 2012 and will see over 150 walkers join together to raise money to support vital services in Birmingham – visit to join The Big Brum Night Walk team or to find out more.

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