Making Waves To Dismantle Poverty

Charlotte works at media agency Wavemaker. Like many of us, her thoughts turned to how those in less fortunate circumstances were coping during lockdown. Charlotte wanted to do more to support others during this time. She knew that collectively her team could do so much more if they worked together. And so, Charlotte suggested that they do a team fundraiser and everyone was on board. Collectively, they have raised over £500 to support Big Issue vendors. 

I had the idea of doing something for charity as generally it is very important to zoom out of our own lives to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. With that being said, the current crisis is unimaginable for vulnerable and homeless people across the globe, so I wanted to help where I could with while raiding funds for The Big Issue –  who I know do an incredible job at helping others.

There are roughly 170,000 homeless people in London, which is why I proposed the idea to the Data and Tech team at Wavemaker that we should collectively exercise this distance in two weeks. It’s safe to say I was blown away by what we achieved!

Just 4 days in – we smashed our 170,000m target.

After this we set a second target to exercise one metre for every homeless person in the UK – roughly 320,000.

One week in we managed to exceed this target, and by the end of the two week time frame we managed to get collectively exercise 754,250m together as a team!

We also managed to raise just over £500 through JustGiving, which I truly hope helps The Big Issue during this time.

I am so proud of the efforts my wonderful team have put into this idea, and for pushing themselves for a great cause to help others.

A goal of mine is to work for a charity in future so this has been an amazing experience for both confirming my aspirations to help others and for my teams motivation and communication too.

Get your work colleagues involved with a team fundraiser to support Big Issue vendors today – you can find some inspiration here.

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