New Anthology to Support Foundation

A new collection of short stories published by STORGY is supporting The Big Issue Foundation and 3 other charities.
Alongside The Big Issue Foundation, proceeds from the publication will also support Centrepoint, Shelter and The Bristol Methodist Centre . The collection is called You Are Not Alone; An Anthology of Hope and Isolation. All proceeds from this publication will provide ongoing support for people experiencing homelessness during – and after – the Covid-19 crisis.
You Are Not Alone features forty-four short stories by a curated cast of international award-winning and emerging authors including Susmita Bhattacharya, Astra Bloom, Kathy Fish, Tim Lebbon, Toby Litt, Adam Lock, Carmen Marcus, Benjamin Myers, Rahul Raina, Adrian J Walker, and many more.
The idea for the anthology came after Ross Jeffery, Executive Director at Storgy Books, was faced with the immediate impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown.
“When news of Covid 19 broke I was busy working to help those affected by homelessness, running the largest day centre in Bristol (The Bristol Methodist Centre). We watched the news closely, trying to keep abreast of everything that was happening, whilst also trying to keep the valued services we offer our guests running for as long as possible.”
Just like The Big Issue Foundation, the centre is 100% reliant on donations and does not receive government funding.
“The Methodist Centre is not funded by the council or any other external funding and the work we do is supported only by donations – which had plummeted to zero. As a result, I set up a small crowdfunding page to help fund the ongoing support service we were planning to offer.”
It was then that Adrian J Walker, author of The End of The World Running Club and a friend of STORGY, reached out.
“Adrian J Walker (author of The End of The World Running Club and a friend of STORGY) contacted me; he’d donated to the crowdfunding campaign and asked if we were planning anything else to raise further funds for homeless people and if the writing community could help in any way? At the time I had no plans for what would soon evolve into You Are Not Alone – and a huge proportion of thanks goes to Adrian in encouraging us to curate and publish this anthology, where all proceeds will be equally divided among trusted charities which help support the most vulnerable within our communities”
The anthology is available now as an eBook. It will also be released in paperback on 1st July 2020.
STORGY was founded in 2013 by Tomek Dzido and Anthony Self as a means by which to explore the short story form and engage with readers and artists alike. STORGY seeks to publish and promote exceptional literary fiction whilst providing authors with the opportunity to reach a wider literary audience.
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