Here you can read all the latest fundraising and charity news from The Big Issue Foundation, keeping you up to date with our charity work to help people who are homeless across the UK. Whether it’s a message from our CEO, or the voice of someone that actually spent time sleeping rough on the streets, here you can read all the latest from The Big Issue Foundation.

We run a wide range of charity events throughout the year, so here is the best place to keep up with the progress and funds that have been raised for the less fortunate in the UK. If you are considering volunteering for The Big Issue Foundation, then here you can also see some of the ways that people have raised money in the past to get people off the streets.

Stories from those who have been unfortunate enough to live on the street are also posted here, helping to give you an insight into the difficulties that our Big Issue vendors are faced with every day.

If you are inspired by any of the stories found here, why not donate to The Big Issue Foundation today? There is a range of ways that your money can be used to help those who are homeless across the UK take control of their lives.

Tuesday, 25th August 2015

“Minds are like parachutes – they only function when they open” – Author unknown.

Around June time this year my sister decided we needed to challenge ourselves – we had recently completed a 90 day Warrior Journey which had included challenges – and she came up with the idea of doing a charity skydive. I wasn’t too keen at first, however she insisted she was going to do one so in the end I agreed to join in!

Thursday, 13th August 2015

“I’m made up that after 20 years, I have my full licence.”

Congratulations to Phil who has won the Vendor Achievement Award in Oxford for his continued excellent customer relations and his hard work towards his goals. The award of a £20 gift voucher and certificate were presented by Sergeant Miriam Purple of Thames Valley Police at the end of the sales and money themed fortnight. The Sales and Money Fortnight is one of three themed events in Oxford; the others are Aspirations and Health Weeks. During these weeks there are various different opportunities to engage with other services in the local area.

Tuesday, 11th August 2015

Supporters from across the south of England battled train troubles on Friday night to take part in our fourth Big Sleep Out London. You can see pictures of the night in our photo gallery. To give the night a really alternative feel, the Sleep Out was hosted in a private Victorian railway arch at Beaconsfield.  Due to the old structure of the arch, which has been closed off at both ends, the temperature is always cool and the air is a little heavy. This made sleeping out in there a little more challenging than the other option of sleeping in the open air in their yard! If you’d like to be kept up to date with plans for next year’s event then click here.

Tuesday, 4th August 2015

Since May of 2013 I've had the wonderful privilege of being employed by The Big Issue Foundation (a registered charity), working in the fundraising department raising funds and awareness about the incredible work that we do to support individuals across the UK to encourage and enable them to progress in their journeys’ away from homelessness.

Selling The Big Issue magazine provides some of the most excluded people in society with a unique opportunity to take some control of their lives and earn a legitimate income. However, The Big Issue Foundation was established and continues to operate in recognition of the fact that while vending the magazine often serves as a crucial first step in helping the homeless and vulnerably housed to effect and sustain an element of routine and self-discipline into their lives, they usually need more holistic, targeted support if they are to successfully (re)integrate into mainstream society.  

Tuesday, 4th August 2015

Matthew Nesbeth is a self shooting Director/Producer with a social conscience. He is strong believer that films and media can help inspire and change the way we think about things. Here’s why he has made four short films about Big Issue vendors.

“I first approached the Big Issue after meeting several of the vendors and staff at a bonfire night event in Bath last year. Afterward, I thought it would be a great idea to volunteer my services as a filmmaker. I had a growing interest in projects about the social environment and above all people from all walks of life, so I figured this would be a good starting point.

Thursday, 30th July 2015

Sean, A Big Issue seller from Oxfordshire is heading to London to take part in The Big Sleep Out to support his fellow Big Issue vendors across the country.

Sean is no stranger to sleeping rough and was recently housed in Chipping Norton. He plans to abandon his bed for a night to support The Big Issue Foundation and will be joining supporters to bed down in a railway arch in Vauxhall, London.

Whatever the weather on the day, this atmospheric venue will be cool, dark and different and there will be rumblings of trains above while participants sleep. Whilst this night can by no means compare to the reality of sleeping rough or living on the streets, it will challenge the comfort zone of those taking part.

Wednesday, 29th July 2015

There’s only one more week to register for our The Big Issue Foundation’s exciting summer events. Whether it’s cycling or sleeping, we have the challenge for you that will help support more Big Issue vendors across the country.

Tuesday, 21st July 2015

On Saturday 13th of June The Big Noise Festival went up a level to the Coronet in London. [RE]:Doc’s short film highlights the wonderful time that was had by everyone.

The Big Noise Festival is an annual, volunteer led event featuring art, poetry, music, dancers & much much more. We would like to thank everyone involved in whatever capacity for helping make 2015’s event so special.

Friday, 17th July 2015

The Big Issue Sales Challenge was by far the most hands-on session in the inaugural GENIUS week at Dennis, a series of talks and events programme to test, stretch and inspire the advertising sales team. Ten members of the team took to Oxford Street to sell The Big Issue. Some Big Issue vendors helped them by giving them advice and encouragement on the day. “Brian was really friendly and gave us insight on the different types of people he encounters and the multitude of ways someone can tell you no,” said Jessica Quinney, one of Dennis’s new graduate interns, about her vendor.

Even for trained salespeople, selling The Big Issue was difficult. “It was much tougher than selling ad space,” according to Karl Taylor. There was a general consensus among the competitors that the challenge was much more difficult than they had originally anticipated. “I was not prepared for how the general public would react to someone trying to talk to them,” said Tim Deeks. He was shocked by some of the reactions he got.

Tuesday, 7th July 2015

You may remember Andre’s report back in May about  good reasons to ride from London to Amsterdam for The Big Issue Foundation. Andre, who sells the Big Issue in Covent Garden, had an excellent response to his article and has since decided to take on the London to Amsterdam cycle challenge for TBIF this September. Andre will be joining former vendor Dean and other dedicated supporters to cycle 150 miles from Olympic Park to Amsterdam, all to raise money and awareness of the work of The Big Issue Foundation.

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