'What Makes Us Care?'

Tom Payne (@justanactor)

Kathryn Prescott's forthcoming exhibition at St Martin-In-The-Fields

The exhibition is an exploration into the desensitization of the masses to the plight of the modern homeless person, from which all proceeds are to go Centrepoint and The Big Issue Foundation.

Big Issue Foundation CEO, Stephen Robertson, said 'The homeless population is shockingly on the increase. As the street population swells we are all challenged as citizens to not turn away, to ignore and pigeon hole people as 'unworthy'. This exhibition brilliantly asks us to think again and to decide just what makes us care. Do our stereotypes and assumptions about others help us to maintain an unrealistic view of people in the modern world?'

Kathryn Prescott

Kathryn Prescott is a London based photographer and actress. After spending several years acting and working as a portrait photographer she became aware of the strong reaction many people have when they recognize a face from the television. This combined with her interest in the issues surrounding homelessness was the inspiration for her current project 'What Makes Us Care?'

The exhibition will be free to view at St Martin-In-The-Fields from 18th September to 13th October. #whatmakesuscare - spread the word.

Prints from Kat Prescott’s challenging debut exhibition are now on sale here.