Santa’s Coming Round!

Glenn Hodge, the singer songwriter behind Glenn Hodge Banned has written and recorded a fantastic Christmas song just for The Big Issue Foundation.

Explaining his decision to support TBIF Glenn said “A few years ago a good friend of mine helped to set up = Oslo: A magazine written and sold by homeless people in Oslo. I was inspired. The friend became a big influence on me and really opened my eyes to a lot of social issues. Things that were happening on my own doorstep that I’d perhaps been blissfully unaware of before.”

“I resolved to do whatever I could to help. Now some can donate money every month, some donate their time and some can donate their skills. It all helps. And that’s how this song came about. I’m a songwriter and I wanted to try and make a bit of noise for the Big Issue’s cause at this particularly difficult time of year.”

“Santa’s Coming Round” is the brilliant result. In the same way my mate opened my eyes, I’m hoping this single and its accompanying film will open the eyes of some of the people who hear and see it. Or at the very least boost sales of the Christmas mags.”

To download the song go to and to show your support for vendors please donate here.