Glenn Hodge - Banned

Christmas is a time of great joy and generosity, and we at The Big Issue Foundation are proud to have been given the time and talents of some wonderful people to help generate support for Big Issue vendors at Christmas.

One of these great talents includes singer songwriter, Glenn Hodge, who inspired by a friend who set up a street paper in Oslo, penned a lively festive folk number called ‘Santa’s Coming Round’ for The Big Issue Foundation in 2015. His single which featured London based Big Issue vendors and their 4-legged companions, was available as a free download and performed at BBC London 94.9 and during our Christmas carolling at Euston Station in 2014. Glenn told us:

“I’m a supporter of The Big Issue first and foremost. But buying a magazine each week isn’t necessarily a showing of support on my part, in-fact it is arguably a selfish act as I want to read it.”

“I wanted to do more and to support Big Issue vendors, so decided I could support The Big Issue Foundation, the charitable arm of the company, by giving my time and energy where I could. What I had to give was music. A couple of years back I wrote a Christmas tune that I thought might do some good. We released the single as a free download and those that wished to give something were invited to make a small donation to The Big Issue Foundation. We did quite well!”

Glenn also held a fundraising gig night in London in 2015 and raised £970 to support our work ending poverty and exclusion for Big Issue vendors.

This year Glenn was part of the Strawberry Tours 10% Promise Campaign which raised over £10,000 for the Big Issue Foundation. The Strawberry Tours 10% promise involved 10% tips given to guides on Strawberry Tours being donated to a London charity, and The Big Issue Foundation were delighted to be the beneficiaries this summer.

“As a Tour Company that hosts Free Tours around the city every day, Strawberry Guides see rough sleepers and many of London’s homeless population along tours routes and outside attractions. It can sometimes be hard for visitors to reconcile the Image of London we show on our tours when faced with an example of poverty on a tour. The Strawberry Tours 10% promise is one way to start giving back, helping those in need and make visitors to London aware of the issues faced by Londoners every day.”

The Big Issue Foundation cannot thank Glenn and Strawberry Tours enough for the amazing support, helping turn dreams into realities for hundreds of Big Issue vendors across the UK.

As our way of giving back we are supporting Glenn to turn his dream into reality by asking our supporters to help Glenn release his first debut album, to be labelled: Glenn Hodge Banned.

If you want to support Glenn Hodge you can support his crowd funding page here to help turn his dream into a reality.

There is no-one like him out there, so let's help Glenn make this record by backing his campaign.