A Year of the Big Issue at Wellcome

It’s been a year since George started his corporate placement at The Wellcome Trust. Today a year on, in an open letter to the staff at Wellcome, George shared his experiences over the last 12 months:

Dear Wellcome Trust employees,

It has passed so quickly, but it seems that I have now been at Wellcome Trust for one year. This has been an interesting year and a positive experience.

I am grateful to everyone at Wellcome who has bought a Big Issue magazine, but most of all I am grateful at having had the opportunity to meet such a wide array of pleasant and interesting people...the People Team at Wellcome is to be commended.

Wellcome has been kind to me in many ways, including designing business cards, a website and providing a laptop, as well as allowing me to attend the two-day course 'Presenting with Confidence'. This has provided encouragement and practical advice on setting up my own business providing an English editing service for biomedical manuscripts.

I have continued to write academic articles on a wide array of biomedical conditions, including breastfeeding, Alzheimer's disease and perinatal depression. I am currently putting something together on how the current biological underpinnings of mental health may have implications for large organizations, including Wellcome.

Until recently, Ellie was my initial contact person at Wellcome. It was Ellie that initiated the involvement of Wellcome with The Big Issue. Ellie has now moved to the Science Museum. The lovely Jodie, has replaced Ellie as the Wellcome contact person for The Big Issue related matters, including me.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of Love and Luck

George A

Big Issue Vendor

The Wellcome Trust 

The Wellcome Trust has hosted Big Issue vendor George in "The Street" every Wednesday, for a year. This is part of The Big Issue Foundation’s Corporate Vendor placements –– a fantastic scheme that pairs up Big Issue vendors with organisations who host them for one day each week. The aim is not only to provide George with a sheltered and friendly environment in which to sell The Big Issue, but also for him to gain valuable work experience, contacts and skills through mentoring and training. Last July, The Wellcome Trust also took part in a corporate Vendor Day, you can read Chris and Anusha’s experiences from the day here.

If you would like further information about any of our corporate offerings please call The Big Issue Foundation on 0207 526 3452 or email serena.crisp@bigissue.com.