A New Film About Us

Recently we partnered with the Banking Media Corporation (BMC) to create a new video highlighting the work of The Big Issue Foundation. Check it out!

DOP Matthew and lead actor Anthony on set

BMC is a creative agency that has primarily focused on creating video adverts in the corporate and commercial sector. However, they were looking to use their skills to give back and do something a bit different. CEO Saber Hussain said:

“The Big Issue Foundation project was, for us, a privilege and allowed us to do exactly that. In this project, we wanted to pay homage to some of the Big Issue’s service pillars; providing access to housing, healthcare, vendor sales and improving homeless individuals self –esteem, which all help to dismantle the root causes of poverty in our society.”

It was clear we were working with an organisation that understood the work of The Big Issue Foundation and our ethos.

Matthew Wood, DOP and Editor, was particularly keen to work on a project that gave back to society: “I’ve always admired The Big Issue Foundation and the way they give dignity back to those in need. I jumped at the chance to shoot and edit this piece. It was a pleasure to create something that would be sharing such a positive message”.

The team descended upon Birmingham for a day of filming to try and capture a snapshot of the work of The Big Issue Foundation, a project both the cast and crew found to be very fulfilling. Lianne Moonraven, Sound Operator for the project, said “The tireless work of The Big Issue Foundation can’t be understated and I really hope that this piece will reflect just that; it was a joy to create from start to finish.”

From concept creation to filming to editing, BMC were a pleasure to work with and we are grateful to be the benefactors of their services.

Thank you to the entire team of cast, crew and creatives who volunteered their time and skills to bring this project to life!

Anthony Webster and Leah Solmaz