Good Luck to our RideLondon Cyclists!

RideLondon 100 takes place this Sunday and we want to wish good luck to all 7 members of Team TBIF cycling for Big Issue vendors!

RideLondon aims to encourage more members of the public to switch to a greener mode of transport and lead healthier more active lives. The 100-mile ride from London to Surrey and back attracts thousands of participants and spectators each year and is a part of the Mayor of London and Transport for London’s cycling programme. This programme encourages people to adopt cycling as a hobby and lifestyle, through investment in bicycle parking throughout the city and various community projects and events. It aims to make cycling appealing and accessible to as many people as possible.

RideLondon has raised over £53 million raised for charity since 2013 and this year, our team hopes to raise over £2,500 for The Big Issue Foundation! This money will enable us to continue providing Big Issue vendors like June and Matthew with the vital resources and support that enables them to determine their own pathways in life and play a productive role in society. Matthew promised himself that he would stop selling the magazine when he was finally sober and felt stable enough to re-enter mainstream society, after being homeless on and off for 23 years, staying in various hostels and sleeping rough. Thanks to The Big Issue Foundation Mathew was given access to safe accommodation and tools that enabled him to regain control over his life and conquer his unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Past participant Dom enjoyed RideLondon so much, he took part 3 times:

"This event is incredible, and don’t worry if you feel daunted. I went from being a complete Sportive novice to finishing the course in a shade under 7 hours, the ride made me keen to take on more challenges like this in the future. If I can motivate any readers to take part, it is definitely a case of 'if I can do it, you definitely can.

My advice would be to go slowly when you need to-take in the amazing experience of the city becoming your own personal cycle lane!"

We’re hoping our cyclists have the same great experience this year, on what is set to be possibly the warmest RideLondon on record. It’s undoubtedly a difficult challenge, but we know our cyclists will conquer both the ride and their fundraising! 

Fancy taking on RideLondon? Sign up for next year’s event here or avoid the saddle and check out our other events here.