Opportunities Theme Project 2019

The mission of The Big Issue Foundation is to connect every Big Issue vendor to the support and personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives and determine their own pathways to a better future.

Every person is unique and therefore the support each Vendor may need will also be personal to them. Throughout the year we provide this support to over 1,000 Big Issue vendors across several regions of the country. We work across areas including accommodation, health and wellbeing, employment, training and finance.

Three times a year we bring this focus to a certain area of our work.

From 8th-19th July we are running an Opportunities Theme Project at The Big Issue Foundation. We will be putting on additional focused sessions across all our offices to support vendors with their journeys into training, education and employment.

Our regional teams will be delivering sessions at our offices as well as working with the local services we work with year-round to provide the best range of opportunities available.

Some of the activities being run during this year’s Opportunities Theme Project include:

  • Taster days with local colleges
  • CV writing workshops
  • Local job club drop in sessions
  • Bike maintenance workshops
  • Settled status sessions

During the project we will also be undertaking a survey with vendors to try and capture what vendors motivations are for selling the magazine and what are their future aspirations. This survey will also let us know what previous experience, skills and qualifications vendors have and what careers they may wish to consider pursuing in the future.

The results of this will help shape our service provision for the future and will also enable the fundraising team to know where to focus their efforts when applying for funding from charitable trusts and foundations.

We are looking forward to a successful and productive Opportunities Theme Project for 2019!