Big Issue schools education pack launched

The new schools education packs have just been launched, aiming to educate the next generation about the issue of homelessness and the work that the Big Issue and Foundation are doing. They’re great tools for youth and children’s groups too. 


Anne’s Story

On Cycling from London to Paris for The Big Issue Foundation An Idiots Guide I hope these reflections will inspire any of you out there…


Lucy’s Story

Over the summer holidays I have had the privilege of working within the fundraising team for The Big Issue Foundation. Over the week I leant…


Ramadan Fundraising for The Big Issue Foundation

Every year the Islamic Society of Britain raise money during Ramadan for their charity, but this year they are aiming to share this with four mainstream UK charities – causes that do some amazing work and are giving tirelessly to help and support people at the most difficult times of their lives.

We are thankful to say that The Big Issue Foundation has been selected as a beneficiary. We’re incredibly grateful to the support that the society is able to give our charity and the funds that we are receiving. In these hard economic times a little goes a long way. During the month of Ramadan, we have already seen Big Issue Vendor, Simon, invited to sell his magazines outside a Mosque in London and sell out after the congregation were taught about The Big Issue.


In Memory of Peter Dolan

We were deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of one our vendors, Pete Dolan. Pete was extremely popular and will be missed by so many. Birmingham Area Service Broker, Tom Belte, pays tribute to Pete.

This is an image of Pete a few days before Christmas last year; he received a donation of a vest, shaver and some long johns along with a cup of tea and a mince pie. He was very fond of tea and would enjoy sitting in the office with a cuppa when he could.

Big Issue Foundation former trustee black and white photo

Heidi Stewart’s Big Night Walk

Heidi Stewart became a trustee of the Big Issue Foundation in 2011. Heidi is a Business Development Director for a global outsourcing business, here is…

The Big Issue Foundation Trustee Harry McAdoo with a medal around his neck

Harry’s Paris Marathon Experience

Harry McAdoo became a trustee of the Big Issue Foundation in 2012 having been a big admirer (and avid reader) of the Big Issue for…

Carolyn Aitchison standing at the South Pole holding Big Issue magazine

Carolyn Aitchison’s Trek to the pole

I took part in an expedition to commemorate the centenary of Ernest Shackleton’s attempt to be the first to reach the South Pole. He turned…

Fundraising gig at The Big Chill House

Ashar Smith’s Gig night

I organized a club night with both live bands and Dj’s, to raise awareness and funds for the Big Issue Foundation. Although hosting a night…


2012 E News CEO Column

The Big Issue’s 21st Birthday is fast approaching. Our movement was born at a time of great hardship and recession. Our mission over the last 21 years has been to offer people who are homeless a unique opportunity to help themselves, an opportunity to embark on their own personal journey away from homelessness.

Big Issue vendors work in the heart of our communities up and down the country. The journey begins when someone chooses to invest a little of their cash and starts to buy and sell the magazine. It is often true that people can ‘earn’ more cash through begging. The decision to start a small business and work you way out of your situation, no matter how far you have fallen, is an incredible step for anyone to take.

We have always believed that a person needs to be engaged in their own changes; engaged and actively making choices about the future and the things that they would like to achieve. 21 years after the formation of the business we have changed homelessness. The spirit of self-help has been ingrained in
society. Yet our work is not done.