Nina’s Story

“I am pleased to have been able to contribute to such a great organisation full of heart and dedication to helping others.”

“Having bought many Big Issue magazines from vendors around London, I became inspired by some of the stories I had read about homeless lives. After hearing about what the Big Issue does and how they help the homeless get back on their feet, I knew I wanted to be involved. I found the perfect opportunity to volunteer at the Big Issue when my sixth form requested that students do a work placement week related to our subjects. As I am studying Sociology as one of my A-levels, I thought a placement at The Big Issue would be perfect.

Working here has been a wonderful experience which I enjoyed thoroughly. Everyone is very friendly and enthusiastic for the cause which is really inspiring to see. I am pleased to have been able to contribute to such a great organisation full of heart and dedication to helping others. The work I was completing wasn’t what I expected to be given as an A-level student. Most work-placement students are given rather boring jobs to do, such as filing and photocopying, but here at the Big Issue Foundation I was entrusted with writing up multiple reports and news stories for the website. This was incredibly motivating for a student of my age and has sparked my interest in possibly pursuing a career in charity work in the future.

While working here for the week I also gained valuable insight into how the Big Issue works. I used to think that the entire organisation was run by the Big Issue Magazine, but I now understand that it is much more complicated than that, and involves the Big Issue Foundation and the Big Issue Invest too. The employees at the Big Issue Foundation and Invest were very informative and helpful in explaining to me how the company is run. I had a very pleasant experience at the Big Issue Foundation and would definitely would consider volunteering again in the future. ”

Nina spent a week here doing work experience for The Big Issue Foundation and was a great asset to the team. As a small organisation we encourage volunteers and students to really get involved to hopefully gain a better understanding of the work that we do. Nina has been a real pleasure to work with and a great support to the team.

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