Fundraising Tips

Looking for inspiration and ideas to reach your fundraising target? Lots of our supporters have raised an incredible amount of money for The Big Issue Foundation in just a few months.

Kate was concerned about her fundraising for us; however, along with the support of her brother she managed to raise a staggering £4,000 in just a couple of months. Kate used some simple fundraising ideas such as: selling items on ebay, holding a church fair with friends and organising a raffle at a local bar.

Kate’s birthday was just before the London Marathon so she also asked friends and family to buy her a ‘virtual drink’. They did this by donating the money they would pay for a cocktail or glass of wine onto her fundraising page.

George successfully managed to raise £2000 for his London Marathon Fundraising and said:

“It was actually quite a lot of fun getting to this point, with a dinner party, cocktail party, pub quiz, car boot sale, a couple of bake sales and a donation of £100 through matched funding at work”.

Tom raised £2200 for his London Marathon fundraising.

“A few hot tips for fundraisers would be that lots of smaller events worked better for me than one big event, as it made my fundraising target seem a lot more manageable. One thing more I would do would be to invite people to make extra donations in exchange for wearing certain fancy dress during the challenge”.

Tom’s fundraising ideas included:

  • Keeping a blog about his training on the TBIF website
  • Having a stall at local boot fairs
  • Putting his fundraising page in his signature at work
  • Running a film night at a local pub

Telisha managed to exceed her target for the Bath Half Marathon and raise £535. She enjoyed the challenge and fundraising so much that she is now taking on the London Marathon for us this year. Telisha baked brownies for work and sent round a sponsorship form, got matched funding from her company (£250), posted updates about her training on facebook and encouraged family and friends to share her fundraising page.

Amit was our top fundraiser for The Big London Night Walk. Amit had a target of £150 but raised a staggering £2180. See below for the ways Amit exceeded his total in 4 easy steps.

Here are Amit’s 4 easy tips for fundraising:

1. Use Social media…a lot

The more friends and family (and even acquaintances) that know about your fundraising, the better. It really is a numbers game so the more people you can reach, the better the chances of gaining sponsorship. Using Facebook and Twitter is a good way to get the word out. Remember to keep your request as short as possible, as both sites will cut your text if you try and write a novel. Don’t forget to add in all the relevant information i.e. what you’re doing and who you’re supporting, but most importantly, the difference someone’s sponsorship will make to those you are trying to help. Also, I find the more challenging the activity, the more likely people will sponsor you!

2. Use other ways of raising awareness

Using mobile chat apps like Whatsapp is another great way of getting your charity work out to your friends and family. You’ll be surprised at how many people will sponsor you off the back of a short broadcast message to all your contacts. Basically, any app you and your friends use frequently can be used!

Emailing work colleagues is also a great way to raise sponsorship. Timing is key here, so try and time your email to coincide with pay day (cheeky but very effective!) Also, don’t worry about emailing a request more than once, it usually takes a few emails for people to take action.

Justine from the Events Team

3. Give and get back

Donating to your friend’s good causes might help ensure they donate to you. A lot of people will support you if you have done the same in the past…and don’t be shy in reminding them!

4. Say thank you

The last and final piece of advice is the most important. Make sure you thank every person for their generosity. Using Facebook is a really good way to do this as it not only shows you’re thankful, but also helps spread the word to other people too. I find thanking people publically on social media taps into an innate ‘feel good factor’ in us that we’ve done a good job. It’s like a virtual tap on that back and showcases someone’s good deed which, as Brits, we don’t tend to do very well!

Your Fundraising

So now you’ve heard more ways you can reach the target and make it happen, why not sign up to one of our events. Justine is our Events Executive at The Big Issue Foundation and she is always on hand for one-to-one fundraising guidance and support for all of our events. Give Justine a call on  020 7526 3459 or drop her an email at to discuss your fundraising further.

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