Vendor Stories

Julie Cherry's Story

My name is Julie and I started selling the Big Issue in Bournemouth about 15 months ago. But that is not where my story begins. I’m originally from Kent and enjoyed growing up there with my family. But like so many others, I saw the bright lights of London and that’s where my adventures began. I started working as an office junior at a law firm and I loved it. I was on a career path and over the next few years I continued to progress and gain better jobs at more prestigious places of work.

Kevin Headley's Story

We were deeply saddened to hear of the sudden passing of much loved Big Issue vendor Kevin Headley. The 52-year-old who sold the magazine outside Hackey Wick overground station for many years died on 5th May following a suspected heart attack.

Donato Barbieri's story

Donato is originally from Turin, Italy. He has previously lived in the UK and Australia and returned back to the UK several years ago. Since 2016, he has been a Big Issue vendor, originally working on his pitch at Victoria Station before moving to Angel a month ago.

Garry Buchan’s Story

My name is Garry Buchan and because of you I’ve begun rebuilding my life.

I started selling the magazine in Bristol last October. Things were not going great for me, but The Big Issue gave me a way of earning money and working towards something better. I sell in a nice part of town and I work hard – I’m smashing all my own selling targets.

I’m from the north-east of Scotland and I had been working for a few years as a foreman on construction sites in Aberdeenshire. I was working for one of the big private builders, so we’d build new homes and also do a small proportion of lower-cost homes for the housing association.

Stuart B's Story

Stuart began selling The Big Issue in September 2017 and quickly began building up his sales and regular customers at Green Park (Bath). He was eager to engage with the support on offer and through the course of reviews and conversations, we were able to identify key areas where Stuart could take steps forward. Over the next few months, The Big Issue Foundation was able to help him move toward opening a bank account and registering with a GP, to apply for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and to explore his longer-term aspiration to become a mentor for other homeless people.

Peter’s Story

Peter used to sell the Big Issue when it first launched in 1991. The confidence and skills he developed whilst selling the Big Issue enabled him to secure a place training as a bus driver. Sadly a series of life events resulted in Peter rough sleeping and selling the Big Issue again in 2016. His past experience of selling the magazine as well as his work as a bus driver meant he knew how to talk to customers and how to handle money. He soon saved enough money for a room which he moved into early last year.

Nicolas’s Story

Smart thinking has helped Nicolas into a work placement from which he aims to find Mainstream employment.

In March, Nicolas became the fourth vendor to take on a corporate placement hosted by Northern Trust in Canary Wharf, where he took over from Dave Martin.

Our corporate placement programme provides Big Issue vendors with a weekly, supported sales opportunity, as well as a chance to develop skills with the host company’s employees. Corporate placements also provide an opportunity for companies to bring corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion strategies to life in the work environment.

Matthew T's Story

Matthew promised himself he would give up selling the magazine when he was sober and had some stability. He handed in his jacket 11 weeks ago.

I’m Matthew. I started selling the magazine in 2013. I stopped 11 weeks ago. I made myself a promise that when I was given accommodation – which I was – that I would give it another three months to be sure that this time I was able to maintain a clean and sober life and maintain the flat. And then, when those three months were up, when I was no longer homeless, when I was no longer vulnerable, I could let go. I realised it was important that I did, too. Here is my story: I’m 48 years old and I’ve been in Oxford for 12 years. I arrived here homeless from London. I’ve been homeless on and off for much of the last 23 years. I have had accommodation at times but it generally hasn’t lasted because of the way that I’ve lived.

George’s Story

One day I’ll be buying The Big Issue not selling it!

George has been selling The Big Issue for over two years. He didn’t expect his life to take this turn, but people rarely do.

George used to work for the NHS up in Glasgow, mostly in psychiatric settings. He managed to build a good life for himself, but was hard hit by the financial crash and its aftermath, which left him penniless and without employment.

Tony Wood's Story

My name is Tony. I am 58 years old and have been selling the Big Issue in the Victoria area of London since April 2017.

Before this I had been living out of the country for many years. I used to be a consultant design engineer in the energy industries but had suffered from burn-out and went to live in France about 17 years ago. I have also lived in Spain and, most recently, Romania.

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