Play Your Cards Right and Support The Foundation

Two friends, Sarah and Dulcie, are bringing another solution to lockdown boredom!

The pair have created playing cards that help you learn cool stuff whilst playing with your friends and family. And for every pack sold, they will donate £1 to The Big Issue Foundation.

Having spent a quarter century working in the publishing industry, Sarah Walden decided it was time to launch her own creative publishing business and begin producing her own content. However, Covid-19 hit and put these plans to a halt.

Not one to sit ideally by, Sarah was chatting with friend and author Dulcie Swanston about an idea Dulcie had for a set of playing cards that helped children and adults alike position key figures and events in history in their proper place.

The friends met at Newcastle University where they both studied English Literature. Dulcie said “I am pretty good at the brown pie questions on Trivial Pursuit, but the yellow can be elusive. So I thought it would be a really good idea to create a set of playing cards that helped you remember that George III was on the throne when Jane Austen wrote Pride & Prejudice and they were listening to Beethoven. That way, you can play any card game as normal, but also use it to hang new knowledge onto the “brain-hooks” that you already have established…useful if you are playing with younger children and they are taking a while to decide what hand to play!”

When Dulcie is doing her day job – which is running a training business and coaching high-level executives – she uses science to help her clients understand why their brains don’t want to change.  She’s also written two books to illustrate the point.  These cards perfectly fit her ethos. Originally planned as a way to fill Dulcie’s time during lockdown, the two friends quickly saw the potential.  Sarah has worked on the design and production of the cards – with the able support of Mark Bennington, an illustrator and cartoonist who has worked on many children’s comics including The Beano – whilst Dulcie concentrated on selecting the facts.

“We also wanted to give something back during this crisis,” Dulcie commented, “so we decided to make a donation to The Big Issue Foundation for each pack sold. It’s a charity I really believe in – and they have particular challenges right now as their vendors can’t sell on the streets. I had just moved my regular purchase into a 3 month subscription and so they were very much front of my mind.”

Sarah added “If the cards work and people enjoy using them, we’ve had plenty of ideas to extend the range to include different facts or subjects, as well as hopefully helping schools to fundraise too with their own versions.”

It’s Not Rocket Science Playing Cards For Clever Clogs are available to pre-order for £6.99 per set for delivery from Friday 24th April:

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