Regular Financial Support For Big Issue Vendors

The Big Issue and The Big Issue Foundation have been working together to support Big Issue vendors during the lockdown.

Vendors lost their source of income overnight. The Foundation works with many vendors on finances and budgeting skills. However, many vendors did not have any savings and were used to living with daily income.

The Big Issue has continued to produce a magazine even though they were unable to sell to vendors. Instead, they are charging the full cover price to members of the public. 50% of the proceeds are going to support Big Issue vendors during this time.

Together, it has been decided that payments to vendors is the most effective way to provide some financial relief to vendors across the country. Earlier in the lockdown, payments were made to just over 1,500 Big Issue vendors. Vendors will now be supported with a regular financial payment until the end of July. At that time, we shall once again review the situation.

The Big Issue Foundation has allocated £250,000 towards these regular payments. The payment are designed to alleviate the financial strain of not being able to sell the magazine. These funds are being matched and topped up by The Big Issue.

The Big Issue Foundation will continue to provide additional support beyond these payments, both financially and emotionally. We will work to meet the individual needs of vendors across the country to the best of our ability. We provide financial support via the Vendor Support Fund which is entirely funded by donations.


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