Right now, a ‘yes’ is one of the most important tools in the fight against poverty and exclusion

From May 25th 2018 The Big Issue Foundation won’t be able to contact you with our latest newsletters, appeals, Big Issue vendor stories and ways to get involved unless we have a ‘yes’ from you.

The Big Issue Foundation works to connect every Big Issue vendor to the support and personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives. Your ‘yes’ is important to us as it means we can continue to contact you about the work we do with Big Issue vendors, raising much needed funds sooner. Without this ‘yes’, we can’t do so.

What does a ‘yes’ from you mean?

  • You will be able to hear from The Big Issue Foundation how you want to – whether by post, email, phone or SMS. You can choose as many of these as you like.
  • You can change your mind at any time – just fill out our quick and simple form below
  • You’ll still hear from us after 25th May 2018 – if you don’t respond to us, you could miss out on hearing ways to get involved with The Big Issue Foundation, Big Issue vendor stories and updates.

How do you want to be contacted?

Select ‘Yes’ to allow The Big Issue Foundation to contact you about the effectiveness and impact your support, both financial and non-financial is making possible in the fight against poverty and exclusion.

Do you have more questions about your contact preferences and The Big Issue Foundation? Find the answers here.

If you've already signed up to hear from us via email and/or post we will continue to contact you in these ways. However if would like to change your preferences, please complete you choices above and submit your details below, I will update your record with your choices accordingly.

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