Tanya’s story

I first came across the trust fundraising role when browsing through The Big Issue Foundation website. The role came to my attention as I wanted to gain experience and understanding about trust fundraising, which I understood to be a fundamental component of fundraising, yet I knew very little about the process and skills it involves. I also had a huge desire to learn about the main causes of homelessness and The Big Issue Foundation.

During my time with The Big Issue Foundation I had the opportunity to gain experience on the front desk where I was able to interact with a wide range of vendors and understand about pitches and the important role of the Service Brokers. The Service Brokers work with each vendor individually identifying their needs and providing them with access to housing support, accessing health services, and also providing links to other services that could provide specialist support.

Through my main role of undertaking fundraising research, I have managed to learn about the causes of homelessness and gain knowledge of how The Big Issue Foundation supports vendors by enabling them to build on essential business, and sales and customer service skills that enable vendors to help themselves.

Most importantly, through my research into trusts and foundations and sourcing key facts about homelessness I have learnt key information about the different types of homelessness including rough sleeping, hidden homelessness, and the different causes of homelessness in different regions of the UK. This piece of research enabled me to understand the reality of homelessness and understand the work of The Big Issue and The Big Issue Foundation. I also had the opportunity to use some essential research tools to find out how the Foundation could work with key grant makers.

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