The Big Issue Foundation launches its 2016 Summer Appeal

Summer AppealWe've just launched our Summer Appeal in hope to make it a summer to remember for over 1,600 Big Issue vendors across the UK. The appeal is calling on supporters to invest in a Big Issue vendor today to empower them to reach their goals and aspirations for the future. Be it a place to call home, overcoming actions, returning to education, gaining employment, starting a new business or reconnecting with society, family and loved ones.

This campaign will help fund vital things for our Big Issue Vendors, like costs towards a new birth certificate, helping a vendor get a flu vaccine this winter, new suits and shoes for job interviews, as well as helping vendors buy essential house items when securing accommodation. It will make an empty flat a home.

Hundreds of Big Issue vendors have benefitted from our previous Appeals and this year we hope to help even more Big Issue vendors. Vendors just like Marc Matthews in Bath who on June the 26th this year handed in his tabard to work full-time of his Vinyl record business, all made possible because of wonderful supporters like you decided to invest in him, so thank you!

By donating today we can work together to make positive change in an uncertain time, together we dismantle poverty through offering a ‘Hand Up’.

Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue Foundation, said “Year on year we were unbelievably grateful for the response to our appeals and we’re hoping to have an even bigger impact this year.”

“In these fast changing times one thing is certain and that is that nothing is certain. The implications of the historic decision to leave the EU has created a turmoil that is by no means over. The struggle for many to lift themselves up from the poverty of their situation and re-build their lives into a brighter, positive future will go on.

We are The Big Issue Foundation and we turn issues into opportunities. We can work together to make positive change in an uncertain time. I thank you for everything you have done already and call on you to do more to support the most vulnerable people in society who are doing all they can to turn their lives around. I truly hope you will continue to support our commitment to be there for anyone who wants to use enterprise as a way of changing their lives.”

Please support The Big Issue Foundation today by investing in a Big Issue vendor. In these uncertain times, you will make a difference.

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