An Interview with Andy at Victoria station

Andy sits down and tiny old school caf with a coffee. I ask is he wants to have a soft drink as well…he says no “I don’t want to be greedy.”

Andy used to work as a lorry driver, but when he was run over a crushed by a reversing car his life changed for ever. The accident made him unable to work and Andy ended up sleeping rough and to make matters worse he caught TB. Three years ago Andy started selling The Big issue at Victoria and in that time he has build of a regular customer base of nearly 60 people. People he truly values. One night sleeping rough, Andy had all his possessions stolen and he lost his driver’s licence and passport. With help from the Big Issue Foundation’s Vendor Support Fund Andy managed to save for a new passport and license and he hopes to one day be able to buy a van and run his own little business as a driver.

Andy talks vividly about how he managed on the streets, the difference between sleeping in front of a McDonalds versus his secret hiding places behind a building site. One place he particularly liked, but as he said “I never get use to rats”. ”. Andy seems a strong guy, a survivor. Yet he relays a touching story of a Christmas card. One of his regular customers came by one day and gave him a Christmas card. He pauses and looks away. “It said… Andy, you are great guy”. A moment’s thought and a coffee later Andy is back on the streets selling his magazines, seeing his regulars and focusing on his dream job as a driver.

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